Marine Insurance

Our Marine Insurance team provides high-quality services to our clients by offering its knowledge, experience in marine insurance and claim handling.


Consulting services in Owners negotiations with insurance companies related to issued insurance contracts, certificates, drafting of contracts, maintenance and control of the implementation of vessels insurance contracts and liability of Owners

Providing recommendations to the Owners on the introduction of modern insurance programs that are most suitable for the Owners in accordance with their requests, including recommendations for improvement of existing insurance / reinsurance contracts terms, advising the Owners on the implementation of such recommendations

Consulting services in the reimbursement of claims within insurance contracts concluded by the Owners, advising the Owners in the process of amicable settlement of disputes with insurance companies

Consulting services in the preparation of documents for obtaining reimbursements  from insurance companies

Provision of information and consulting services related to the insurance of property and liability of the Owners, studying the market for such services and conducting claims handling process

Assistance to the Owners in implementing of the insurance policy for the introduction of modern insurance programs, improving the control over the performance of insurance contracts, optimizing the maintenance of claim handling work within the insurance contracts

Providing consulting services for the following marine risks insurance:

  •  Insurance of hull, machinery and mechanisms of ships (H&M);
  •  Insurance of the shipowner’s liability (P&I);
  •  Loss of hire insurance (LoH);
  •  Trade disruption insurance (strikes, lockouts,  etc. TDI);
  •  WAR and strike risks;
  •  Freight and demurrage insurance (FD&D);
  •  Insurance of risks of piracy and K&R insurance;
  •  Charteres Liability Insurance;
  •  Freight forwarders insurance.